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Every year I try to think of something fun and creative for the kids Valentines that they hand out to their friends. Don't get me wrong I am all about the easy ones already made in a box at the store. We buy those too, but they hand them out at school, dance, AND hockey! So, its actually more cost effective to make my own!

Here are 4 new and FREE Valentines

Day printables you can EASILY make at

home for your littles! I recommend

printing them on card stock so they are

more sturdy! :)

I also recommend using a cutter like

this Fiskars one on the left!

You can buy one HERE on amazon for

really cheap!


First, and my favorite this year, is the

"You make my heart POP" printable!

Super simple! There is actually 2

different ways you can use this


Once you print and cut them out, you

just take some washi tape and add the

lollipop! Bubble gum taped in the

middle of the heart would be cute too!

Another way you can make these

is you can make a little slit where the

line is. Then put a blow pop lollipop

through it! My daughter loves this way,

she said it's because it's like passing

out flowers. lol


Next is the

"I think you are just write" printable!

If your kids are in classrooms like mine are, where there are kids with food allergies. It is easier and much less stressful to just skip the sweets and go with a 'non sweets' Valentine! Plus this is a really simple one too! Just Print and cut them out, buy a pack of cute pencils, like these ones from Sweet Water Decor and walaa! Just line up the pencils along the lines and use some cute washi tape to hold them! You can also cute a slit where the lines are and insert the pencils if you'd like! :)


Another sweets option is the

"X's and O's for Tic Tac Toes" Printable!

I really love this one! Kids love playing Tic Tac Toe, and they love candy, its a double win! This one requires buying a little more but its still very easy! All you do is print and cut them out, buy Hershey kisses (makes sure you have 2 different colors), and treat bags (you can buy HERE) You can use a small zip lock baggy too!

All you do is put the printable in the bag, add 4 of each color, and staple or tape the top to close the bag! :)


Last is the

"You make my life colorful" Printable!

This one is always a good option

because kids love to color! All you need

to do is print and cut. Then use some

cute washi tape for the 2-4 crayons!

You can buy washi tape HERE for



There you have!

4 FREE Valentines Printables!

Click the links below to download the design you want!

"You make my heart POP"

"I think you're just write"

"Tic Tac Toes"

"Make my life colorful"

To make it even easier! Here is a list of some products, like the ones I've linked throughout the post, to help make your Valentines one of a kind! From the candy and washi tape, to the pencils and the easy cutter to cut them out!

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I hope you enjoyed some Valentines Inspiration! If you use any of these I would love to see what you do with them!

Just tag on Instagram and I would be happy to share!

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