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Every year my kids have a HUGE list of what they want for Christmas. This year good ol amazon sent us a Holiday Gift Catalog, which was pretty awesome because you could take a photo of anything in the catalog and it would pop up in your app so you can easily add it to your cart! So I had the kids start circling what they wanted in the book, I remember doing that when I was little every time a toys r us magazine would come in the mail and I loved it! When the kids gave the book back to me a realized they circled almost everything in the book! lol I started thinking about how its great to get toys but they could benefit from some things that need too, and things to help them academically. So this year I created a free Santa Letter printable so the kids can narrow down what they really want for Christmas, as well as what they need, would like to wear, and read! You can click the link below to print out your own letter for the kids to fill out and send to Santa just in time for Christmas!




If your kids fill out the santa letter, I would love to see!

Just tag on Instagram and I would be happy to share!

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