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Valentines Printables 2022

It's time again! Every year I get excited to create Valentines for the kids classmates at their school and teammates at their sports. As cute and and creative as Valentines are these days in the stores I always like to have my own personal touch on them. These printable Valentines are super cute for boys or girls and are easy to print and cut out just in time for Valentines Day!

I use my straight cutter but you can use scissors too!


Be Kind

We could all use a little more kindness in this world right? I thought this would be a cute way to spread some motivation around and my daughter love fidgets and feel in love with these cute spiky balls from target! You can also add some sweetness of course too with a candy attached to it!

You can download this Valentine here!

be kind
Download PDF • 3.32MB


You're Out of This World

This cute little Valentine is perfect for those space lovers! Girls or Boys can use this and put it with these cute space stamps, or even pencils or yo-yos.. anything!

You can download this Valentine here!

out of world
Download PDF • 5.37MB


Rainbow Valentine

This Valentine is one of my favorites.. well.. they are all my favorite but I love this one because you can do just about anything with it! It has a really cute rainbow that can have cute unicorn erasers like this in the middle or even kisses candy taped over it or a cute highlighter.

I found these cute heart straws that change color when you drink out of them that I thought was super cute for this too! I also found cute heart rubber bracelets that would look cute wrapped around the Valentine!

You can download this valentine here!

happy v day
Download PDF • 4.47MB


Hey Dino Skater

This Valentine was made for my son. He loves Tech Decks and I saw these skate board valentines at Walmart and thought it would be cute to take them of and use it with this Valentine! They also have a lot of real tech deck brand skate boards too for valentines so I thought it would be fun to make a Valentine for him to give his friends this year!

You can find some cute tech deck favors on amazon here!

You can download the Valentine here!

Download PDF • 3.74MB


You are Dino Mite

I know there are a lot of girls out there that love Dinos too! So I thought why not do a cute pink Dino Valentine! You can get a pack of dinosaurs like these at target, Walmart or the dollar store!These are actually Dino crayons!

This Valentine could go with other favors as well like these cute high lighters that look like candy, or gel pens too!

I bought the Valentines pack of 6 for $1 but you can also find packs of cute gold and pinks dinosaur favors on amazon here!

You can download this Valentine here!

dino mite
Download PDF • 5.07MB


You're a Star!

This one is inspired by my daughters love for star bursts! This Valentine is great for boys or girls who love starbursts! Just put a starburst in the middle of the star and waaalaa! You can also but star shaped chocolates or lollipops too!

You can download this Valentine here!

your a star
Download PDF • 4.82MB


If you print any of these Valentines I would love to see what you do with them!

Just tag on Instagram and I would be happy to share!

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