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Whether you're becoming a mama for the first time, or this is baby 2, 3, 4, or more coming into the family, having a newborn is an exciting, rewarding time... but it doesn't matter how many kids you have, it's always an adjustment period figuring out what works best for you, your family, and your adorable newborn!

As a mama of 4 now, I would like to say I am more experienced in motherhood, but honestly every newborn is a new learning experience for every mama.. I am just here to share some great everyday products that I have found to be helpful for our family!


copper & pearl cover!

One of my MUST HAVE products for all of my kids was a car seat cover! Whenever we would go out, I liked having my baby covered! It helped protect them better from outside germs, and helped them sleep better when I was hauling them around shopping and running errands! But it also doubles as my nursing cover!!! With the hole on the top I could easily put it over my head and nurse quickly on the go!

Copper & Pearl is one of my favorite companies that carry car seat/nursing covers! They have a really good soft fabric, and their prints are so cute, I like that they have a big variety to choose from, and the best part is they are on amazon prime!

You can shop their covers below!!


Baby k'tan carrier!

This is by far one of my favorite products! When I had baby #3, and now with baby #4, I needed to get things done so wearing a baby made it a lot easier! There are many great carriers out there, and I loved the cute soft fabric ones, but I needed a quick and easy way to put on a soft baby carrier without having to wrap it around my body over and under and make sure it was right.

Baby K'tan makes it so easy, you just pull it over your head, wrap the second piece around the bottom and its good to go! The bottom sash even turns inside out and becomes a bag to keep it in!

They have a variety of colors and fabric to choose from below!


Snuggle Me

This product wasn't around for my first 2 kids but my last 2 boys literally lived in the Snuggle Me during the day! Snuggle me has a certain design so when you put the baby down the sides pull in to hug and surround your sweet babe! It's AWESOME!

It is WELL worth every penny!

There is a protective pad you can buy for it and lots of cute colors to choose from as well!

You can order it on amazon here!


love to dream swaddle

Now when it comes to swaddles, there are so many good brands out there, and each newborn likes to be swaddled differently! For me, the Love to Dream Swaddle worked perfectly! My kids didn't like to be swaddled with their arms down, they liked their hands by their face, and these swaddles are perfect for that!

First - Over 90% of babies sleep with their ARMS UP around their head when placed on their back to sleep. This is simply a baby’s natural and preferred way to sleep, just like in the womb!

Second - All babies are born with the need to SELF-SOOTHE by touching their face and sucking on their hands as they did in the womb. This medically proven behavior is how a baby calms and falls asleep on their own. Traditional swaddling prevents this.The patented wings on the Swaddle UP allow the baby to both sleep with their arms in their preferred ARMS UP position and gives enough movement so they can SELF-SOOTHE, all while calming down the startle reflex.

Love to Dream even has transition swaddles where once they can have their arms free, you can take off the arms on the swaddle! These are seriously genius!


elivia & Co Swaddle set

Of course every newborn needs a cute swaddle set for their first photos! Elivia & Co has the softest swaddles that come with matching beanies! perfect for photos and afterwards they are soft blankies and nursing covers!

You can buy them on amazon here!


FINDING THE RIGHT PRODUCTS TO HELP YOU GET THROUGH EVERYDAY WITH A NEWBORN CAN BE CHALLENGING, BUT hopefully i helped you find some great products to help make it a little easier..


If you buy any of these products for your newborn I would love to share!

Just tag on Instagram and I would be happy to share!

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