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Any weekend we aren’t crazy busy with dance and hockey I try to have “Craft Hour” at the house! I like getting them off of their iPads and video games and let them be creative, and it’s always something easy but fun for the kids to do! I got this idea when I was volunteering at the kids school! When I walked past the art room and saw they had been learning about water colors, I thought how pretty would it be to have watercolor leaves to decorate the house with!

So... This weekend the kids painted Fall leaves with their watercolor paint for our craft hour time! They are excited to decorate the table for Thanksgiving with them!


I recommend printing on card stock so it will hold up well getting wet with the watercolor! Once you print out the FREE printable, just get out your watercolors and your ready to go!


What I love about watercolor painting is it’s not too messy, they can go outside the lines, and no matter how many colors my toddler mixes together it always turns out so pretty! It’s fool proof!


Once my kids were done painting I let them dry and then started cutting!

I let my bigger kids cut their own!


And Walaa! Your done! You can decorate your table for Thanksgiving or the Kids table! You can even hole punch and string them together to make a banner! No matter what you do with them, it will look so pretty and have your babies personal touch on Thanksgiving!



If you and your kiddos have fun with this craft I would love to share!

Just tag on Instagram and I would be happy to share!


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