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Seeing Christmas in the eyes of your children is so magical! So when I saw @amylouhawthorne and @themamanotes DIY Santa Watcher contest I HAD to make one and add a little Christmas magic to it so when they look in to find Santa... magical snowflakes appear! These cute binoculars were so easy to make with some simple things I had laying around the house! Let’s just say it was a hit in our winter wonderland home!


First.. I just grabbed toilet paper rolls and some things I had around the house! You can use anything you have! Pom poms, string, cards, wrapping paper, etc..


I marked where to cut on white card stock so I could cover the paper rolls, you can use any color paper or you can always paint them too if you’d like!


Then I taped and rolled it over the roll! You can just make your own rolls without toilet paper rolls too!


Then I cut an extra toilet paper roll about 2 inches thick, and cut the edges in a curve to make the middle of the binoculars! It doesn’t have to be perfect just curved enough to make it fit!


Then I grabbed some red paint and painted the middle piece for the binoculars!


While that was drying I made the snowflake lens!

I just found an old clear treat bag with snowflakes on it to cut, but you can find some at Walmart or Target! I just cut out big squares making sure the snowflake was in the middle!


Then I rolled double sided tape on the top, and pushed the square over it so it would stick, and then I tied a string around it!


Then I grabbed the middle piece after it dried, placed it in the middle of the rolls and tied a string around it.


To keep it in place I taped the first string to the back, and then I wrapped another string around the middle twice, and then I taped that on the back as well!


I just taped the neck string on each side, but you can make a hole and tie it to make it more sturdy!


There you go!! Let your little elves watch for Santa!!


If you Make If you make your own advent calendar with these I would love to share!

Just tag on Instagram and I would be happy to share!

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