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MEMEENO Swaddloop Blanket

Memeeno is a shop that sells luxury baby accessories, such as the swaddloop blanket, top knot hats, and organic cotton colic and gas belly bands!

They were nice enough to send me one of their swaddle blankets to review! They sent me the

These swaddles have a 6-in-1 Multi-use! They can be a swaddle or newborn blanket, nursing cover, stroller/seat cover, car window shade, play mat & super hero cape (my toddlers favorite).

Not only is this the softest swaddle ever ( made with super soft premium single knit fabric making it stretchy, breathable and long lasting)

it is also really BIG, it is 48"x48" so it allows for growth into the toddler years! Making it perfect for my big toddler boy!

They have a lot of designs to choose from you can see here!


here A few ways me and my little man have used his swaddloop blanket!


Car Seat Cover!

and because it's so big he can hold it as his blanket while it still covers him from the sun!


Blanket for comfort

Because when mama says no he needs something to help him feel better!


Play Mat/ Cover for bean bag

We love using it as a play mat or for covering his bean bag!


swaddle for healing

When we have ear aches or tummy aches, being warm and wrapped up is the perfect remedy!


and last.. but our favorite...


He can accomplish anything in his Memeeno super hero cape!


We love our swaddloop blanket, but Memeeno has more then swaddles!

Click below to see their other great products!


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