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As a mama with 3 kiddos.. I'm always looking for a great way to reuse clothing, and make it last longer, because its hard buying new clothes that last maybe a couple of months.

Linc & Cole is a small shop that helps mama's with this problem. Making "grow with me" clothes that will actually grow with your child for years! The fabric is crafted with Bamboo French Terry that was carefully selected due to its super soft, wonderfully absorbent, and 100% eco-friendly characteristics; the fabric absorbs quickly, holds moisture very well, remains soft over its life, and is easy to clean and maintain. Which any mama with appreciate!


Linc & Cole has not only mamas in mind but the kids too! Like take their packaging for instance.. let's not even talk about how cute it is, but it's also fun for the kids when opening it! Linc & Cole adds the cutest touch by providing the kids with a

Color Us Three crayon to color the box!


So how it works is each piece comes with extra long cuffs, like this hoodie & jogger set! The Grow-With-Me sizing is achieved through the use of the fold-able cuffs; and the yoga waistband, perfect for those in-between sizes!

Linc & Cole's size choices are

3-12 months; 1-3 years; and 3-6 year!

My son who is almost 2, wears the 1 to 3 year size, and I fold the cuffs all the way right now! It is so comfortable for him to play in now and I have I doubt he will be able to wear this until he is 3!


I really love the plain classic style and color, but Linc & Cole has other patterns, styles, and colors to choose from!

If you're a mama that's tired of your babe's clothes only lasting a couple months, then Linc & Cole is perfect for you! It sure is for us!

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