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BATH TIME FUN - easy to clean bath toys


Bath time is a nightly routine here at the Sullivan house. The older kids take showers now, with the occasional bath time for fun, but for our little man its nightly bath time fun!

When it comes to anything water, I am very weird with what toys I buy. When I had Ayden, our first born, I remember cutting open a squirt toy that looked dark inside and was so disgusted i threw them all out and NEVER bought a squirt toy again. If I cant wash it, and make sure it stays clean, I wont buy it!

So here are a few of my favorite fun AND clean bath time toys for littles!



These are super fun for littles to stick on the bath and make fun shapes and animals, I love the numbers and letters too, but for his age the animals are fun! They can easily be stored in a bath basket and are super easy to clean and wipe down too!

You can buy the Skip Hop Zoo Foam toys here on amazon!

There are so many bath foam toys out there you can choose from!

Here is a few of my favorite foam toys!



Buckets are always great, kids love pouring and dumping water. These are neat because they have different size holes in the bottom so water slowly pours out of each one differently! Of course they are easy to clean which is a must!

You can buy the Skip Hop Zoo

buckets here!

Here are a few more buckets I like for bath time fun!


Battat Rain & Shine Bath Bar

This is one of my little man's favorite bath toys! This cute bath bar sticks to the side of the tub for all sorts of bath time fun!

You can get this cute modern bath bar right here!


Boon Fleet Stacking Boats

We have had many toy boats here in the Sullivan bath tub but these are my favorite! These boats are different sizes and stack on each other. You can also turn them upside down to let water pour from the holes!

You can buy these Boon Fleet Boats right here!

There are all sorts of cute bath time boats you can also buy here!


Giggles & Pebbles Silicone Pop Squirt Bath Toys

These are THE BEST squirt toys ever! They are super cute animals with bright colors, and they best part is they come APART to clean! So my little man can fill it with water and have fun, and I can have a peace of mind knowing there is no mold inside!

You can buy these cute and easy to clean squirt toys here!

Here are a few more easy to clean squirt toys you can buy that are super cute and fun!


hopefully you found some inspiration on super fun and easy to clean bath toys.. because let's be honest, Bath time is only meant for fun!


If you buy any of these bath toys for your little ones bath time I would love to see what you do with them!

Just tag on Instagram and I would be happy to share!

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