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kids new years eve activities!

Ever since we had kids New Years Eve has been about family! Playing games, watching movies, baking, and anything else we can think of. So I normally try to come up with some fun activities for them to do.. and easy to do (because lets be honest, most of the time, I need easy but fun) :)

So I normally make printables, and this year I want to share them with you! There are 5 different printables. I found the cutest drawings from Illustree over at creative Market and they just added that perfect touch to the printables!

You can find Illustree here:

You can do all of them, or just one of them. I like to have a little variety for them so they don't get bored and can come back to the activity when they want to!

So, lets get started!


The first printable I made was a word search! My kids love word searches!

It has 10 different New Years words to find!


The second printable is a party hat! How do you have New Years Eve without a mini party hat? This one is made for them to color! All you have to do is print it out and let them color it! Once they are done they can cut it out and glue it with some glue sticks and walaa! You can poke little holes on the sides and add your own stretchy string or even ribbon! If you have girls you can even add it to little headbands! :)


The third printable is a count down clock! This one is fun because they have to keep track (and learn) time, every hour starting at 1PM! Once each hour hits they color it, and when they get to midnight it will be full of their colors! :) Or you can have a little more fun and print 2 out, let them color it, and cut one hour out, put it on top of the other one and let them turn it as the time passes! :)


The fourth printable is a resolution page! Let the kids reflect on what they want to do in the next year, and what they want to do differently! It's a great way to get their minds thinking!


The fifth printable is a little activity page! It has a maze and a few tic tac toe games! Just another fun activity for them to do or mom and dad to do with them! :)


As a BONUS, I've added a 2 coloring pages for the kiddos too!


Here are the links to all my printables!


I'd love to see how you used the Everyday Kay printables!

Tag if you share on social media and id love to share it too!!

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