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kids chore chart printable

I have always tried to set up a routine for the kids to help out around the house! Starting when they were little it was things like,

get ready for bed, brush your teeth, go potty, and wash your hands.

Now that they are older it is more like

dry dishes, sweep, and clean up rooms.

We used to have a star chart that the kids loved, once they got so many stars they would get a treat or prize. The stars were like their allowance. but I wanted something that went with the home decor and didn't look like it was meant for a class room in the middle of the kitchen. So I created a printable chore chart that can be cut and laminated, and added to whatever board you want for your home! :)

In this post I will share with you my FREE chore chart printable!

(a water color chart and a black and white one)

- with 36 chores for all ages

- and some blank squares for you to add your own!


Once you print out the chores,

( I recommend card stock) you can get them laminated, or an easy DIY way is to cover the card stock with clear packing tape, and then cut them out like you see here!

Once you have the pages laminated, go ahead and cut out the squares.

(I recommend this Fiskars cutter!) You can buy this exact one here on amazon!


Once you have all the squares cut the next thing is adding the sticky magnet squares to the back!

You can buy the same

sticky magnets

here on amazon!


Then you take a piece of paper from the scraps to create your middle line, and cut one of the square magnets into fourths and stick to the strip!


last, you put them on your magnetic chalk board! this is 24x18 IN

here are a few boards you can choose from here on amazon!

Just click below to download the watercolor style like you see in the photos, or a black and white style!

If you print out and make your own chore chart I would love to see what you do with them!

Just tag on Instagram and I would be happy to share!

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