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Every year between class teachers, neighbors, dance teachers, and hockey coaches I have quite the lost of people I would like to share the holiday spirit with, but we are also a family of 6 and on a budget! That’s why one of my favorite things to do is make my own Christmas tags and find cute but affordable ways to gift something small to a lot of people!

This year I created 8 FREE Christmas tags that you can easily print from home and add to your gifts! Plus some gift ideas that can go with them!




A really sweet and easy gift idea is a themed ornament! The options are endless for this! You can get the person an ornament for their favorite hobby, favorite food, etc. For teachers you can do a cute apple ornament or classroom themed ornament, for neighbors you can gift a little gingerbread house ornament! This is one of my favorite gifts to give out each year! I found this super cute pink car holding a tree ornament that I thought went perfect with the Merry & Bright tag!


Another great teacher gift that works perfectly with the "smart cookie" tag is a mason jar of cookie mix, or a batch of homemade (or store bought) cookies, or even a gingerbread man ornament can go with this! there are so many options that would work! My favorite for this year is the cookie mix in a mason jar! I even bought these premade mason jars at Walmart! I just added some cute trees with gift trim garland to it and it really dressed it up cute!


Another gift I give every year to at least one person are cozy socks.. I mean, who doesn't love cozy Christmas socks right? lol They go great with the "warm & cozy" tag!

I just tied gift trim garland string around the socks and added the tag and a cute matching tree!


"A cup of cheer" tag is one of my favorite tags! It works great for a Starbucks cup and gift card, or a cute Christmas mug with hot cocoa mix inside! I just loved this cute polar bear cup this year to go with a gift card!


Another way to gift something small is finding cute bath stocking stuffers! I just wrapped them in a clear bag with silver gift trim and added a white tree for decoration!


Blankets are a cute and easy gift to give out to neighbors and teachers.. anyone really, and they go great with the "sleep in heavenly peace" tag wrapped with string and of course a little tree for decoration!


Lastly, the easy "Thank You" tag can go with anything, I used it for this really cute snowflake gift card box I found at Walmart!




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