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Every year I have an advent calendar for the kids, I found this super adorable wooden advent Calendar at Marshall’s one year and have used it ever since, but this year my 3rd child is old enough to enjoy the advent too, but the boxes are so small i barely fit 2 pieces of candy in them let alone any small toys.. so I decided to do a DIY calendar that would easily fit more things, and it is a cute decoration for the house too!

It SUPER easy and there are a few ways you could make this! Here is what I did!


First I bought Kraft brown paper bags,

I bought a smaller size on amazon!

You can find them here!


Then I printed out my numbers and cut them out!

At the bottom of this post you can download them for free too!

I just clipped them to the front of each bag!

The printable also comes with 3 sets of the number 25, that way you can do red green or black for your design! Plus some extra snowflakes to decorate with if you’d like too!


I took my chalk board that I bought on amazon to display my Kraft bags and these black magnet clips to hang them!

You can buy the chalk board and magnet clips here!

And that’s it! Super easy! I just took some things around the house to decorate it and its perfect!!

There are so many ways you can display your bags instead of a chalk board! One other way is you could easily use string on the wall and hang the Kraft bags with cloths pins!


If you Make If you make your own advent calendar with these I would love to share!

Just tag on Instagram and I would be happy to share!

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