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I was so excited my first year helping out at my son's Christmas party! I was in charge of setting up table stations, which was making a game/activity for each table. I went all out, I went to the local craft store and bought so many crafts and made games from scratch.

Now being a more experienced classroom mom I realize that the work put into making all that from scratch is not worth the 1 min. it takes for the kids to tar it all apart in excitement. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing how excited the kids get when they see it, but the kids will love anything you put together for them and there are easier and more affordable ways to get the job done!

Last year we had #GrinchDay at the kids school and I was in charge again. So I went to the local dollar store and target $1 area to find EVERYTHING I needed. Well, and the amazing #Pinterest printable finds too of course.

My 1st station was where the kids decorated treat bags and when they were done the would fill them up with 1 treat from each container!

I bout these plastic containers to hold all the items I found from the dollar store!

Candy, stamps, fuzzy pencils, and bells!

dollar store containers and items!

I also bought the brown bags, stickers, and little snack cups to hold the stickers at the dollar store too!

“This is always a go to station for every holiday party! The kids love making their own bags and filling them up with treats, what kid doesn't”

My husband is an awesome artist, my creativity is on a computer! So we made a really fun Grinch toss poster board for a game to go with this station!

Grinch Board and Dollar Store Finds

Now for the awesome printables! I wanted something easy to download and make copies of! I also wanted some learning activities too!

I found this cute idea to have the kids think of ideas to make the Grinch grin! i just printed all the shapes out and let the kids cut and paste them together!

This next one I liked that the kids could color by numbers, they even have color by adding up numbers too!

The Grinch mask was a must when i saw it! All kids love masks!

We knew we wanted to have ornaments for one station so we found this cute idea of the kids stuffing a clear ornament with green paper and adding a small red heart sticker to the outside of it to represent the Grinch's heart!


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