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The Everyday Kay Model Squad is a group of talented dancers from different states that represent the EDK! These dancers are chosen based on their talent, shooting experience & overall support they show the dance community.​ They get to be apart of model calls & get priority booking for special shoots! 


EDK Squad Requirements 

- Dancer must be  able to travel to one of EDK travel dates during the program to shoot with EDK.

- If chosen, dancer must do at least one photo shoot with EDK (50$ off Squad Discount)   

- Dancer must have an active instagram account and must post a photos from their EDK shoot regularly (4 times per month).


- Help promote & share any EDK pop up shoots and travel dates.

- Must put "EDK Squad" on dancers instagram bio and tag

- Review and Sign SQUAD Contract if chosen.

- Be kind and supportive to all dancers in the program as well as all dancers at competitions and conventions. An EDK Ambassador is always cheering on other dancers and promotes no bullying. 

- Most importantly, have fun!


Can I represent other dance photographers?
- Absolutely! EDK Squad Dancers can represent any other dance photographer! After all, its all about being apart of the dance community and supporting each other! 

Do I need to do multiple shoots with EDK?
- You need to do at least one photo shoot with me of course to have photos to share! Any more shoots are welcome with the EDK Squad Discount!

Do I need to be local to Boise?
- No! You can live in any state, you just need to live or travel to one of EDK's traveling states within the program timeframe to get your shoot!

What states are you traveling to for shoots?

 - States I will be traveling to for the EDK Summer

Program are:

Boise - local anytime
2022-23 Travel Dates Coming Soon

You just need to be at one of these locations to book a shoot! *states & dates are subject to change

Is the shoot individual or group shoots?

 - Depending on the state and how many dancers I need to shoot at each one will depend on if we do group shoots or solo/duet/trio shoots. Prices will vary depending on the shoot that we do but the discount applies to any of them! 

*dancers in any shoot get individual shots and if possible a couple group shots! 

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